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The ethical considerations of animal husbandry and a holistic view of life with farm animals have always been the cornerstones of Toni’s free-range philosophy. And what chickens need for a happy life is no secret.


On Toni´s farms, they have perches, trees, a cold scratching shed, carefully chosen, purely vegetarian feed, nests laid out with natural straw, and large sun- and sandbathing areas, just the way chickens like them! The coop – which provides much more space for the chickens than stipulated by law – gets plenty of natural daylight, thanks to the large windows and the ban of neon lights.


On this basis, Dr. Helmut Bartussek has developed the Animal Needs Index (ANI). Eggs bearing the "Tierschutzgeprüft" (“Certified according to animal protection standards”) logo have been monitored according to this index. By the way – Toni’s free-range eggs were the only ones to receive top grades in this monitoring process!