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A short sociology of chickens


People need their own space. And so do chickens.

We all know the feeling – some people are just more pleasant to be around than others. Well, chickens feel exactly the same, which is why they gather in larger and smaller flocks to cluck the day away on their very own pasture. And they have plenty of room to entertain themselves – 10m2 per chicken.


Chickens have a private life, too

So whose is this appetising feed kernel? Did I find it or did you? In order to make sure that the hens don’t start fighting over trifles and keep up a well-balanced social life, there needs to be a rooster too. The rooster keeps the peace among the ladies and establishes order in the flock. Although they don’t need the rooster to lay eggs, a hen’s life would be a lot more boring without him!


A sandbath a day keeps the doctor away

Chickens love sandbaths – it is part of their daily personal hygiene programme, as the sand and dust cleans and degreases their feathers. Sandbaths also help to keep the hens robust and healthy. As usual, nature has taken care of everything – all we have to do is listen to it.


The coolest chickens under the sun

Summer is a great time of the year – especially if you can rest in the shade when it gets too hot, the way our chickens can. On Toni’s farms, shady spots and trees are available to make sure that they are comfortable even on the hottest days of the year.


The gourmets among chickens

Toni’s hens are lucky – they are given purely vegetarian, guaranteed GM-free feed, on all our farms, without exceptions. After all, nothing influences the taste of an egg as directly as the chicken feed. Our special feed mixtures consist of corn, wheat, peas, soybeans, sunflower and pumpkin seed cakes, lime and a few selected herbs. That way, the consumer is guaranteed to buy a tasty, healthy product.


The chicken conservatory

The cold scratching shed is popular with the chickens all year round. Situated next to the coop, it offers protection against the wind and unwanted visitors. Its floor is covered with natural scratching material. This means that even when the weather is bad, the chickens can still do what they like best – scratching at the ground, looking for food!


A comfortable spot

Some people like to relax on their favourite sofas in the evening – the chickens on Toni’s farms have their perches. Chickens used to sleep in trees to protect themselves against the foxes that made life hard for them, and they have kept the habit of sleeping in an elevated spot.


You made your bed, now lay in it

Our hens treat their eggs like – well, like raw eggs! This means that all eggs are laid in proper, natural straw-bedded nests that the chickens arrange the way they like. If you have ever watched the ritual a chicken performs before it lays an egg, you will understand how unique every one of our chickens is, and therefore also every one of our eggs.


Chickens with a sunny disposition...

…are what we pride ourselves on. The happy nature of our chickens is at least partly due to the fact that our hens are able to take long sunbaths whenever they want. Perching in the sun, they stretch their wings and enjoy being able to do whatever they like. And that is exactly what hens want and need – they are naturally programmed to do so, which is enough reason for us to accommodate their wishes.


Staying in can be fun, too

Even the most adventurous chicken sometimes likes to relax indoors, maybe because it’s cold outside or just because it doesn’t feel like going out. For this reason, the chickens in Toni’s coops have a lot more space available than stipulated by law, in addition to plenty of daylight, providing a warm and comfortable environment in the coop.