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At Toni’s, we offer school classes a multi-layered learning experience.


According to the age of the kids and the type of school they go to, we offer the chance to experience first-hand what species-appropriate farming means and how the egg makes its way from the nest to the fridge. Alternatively, we can arrange for extra sessions on the economic background of agricultural enterprises and the food market in general. 



School kids welcome. On excursions to Toni’s farm, pupils will learn everything they have always wanted to know about chicken husbandry and take a look at the coops.


We show students how the chickens are raised on our farms, explain the principles of species-appropriate farming and trace the route of the egg from the nest to the fridge. We also demonstrate what inspection and monitoring activities eggs as food products are subject to and how consumer safety is guaranteed.


The exact content of the excursion is adapted to the age of the students and the type of school they attend. After the guided tour, every child is given a goodie bag containing an egg carton and information material on Toni’s free-range eggs.


Talks in schools:

We will be pleased to arrange a visit to your school to talk about subjects such as chicken farming, species-appropriate farming methods, sustainable company management, our brand etc.


We would ask you to make an appointment
at Toni´s office  in advance 
+43 (0) 3512 85 725.