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mix Deluxe

Exquisite organic eggs in a slightly different shell.

Babette. This rare breed lays eggs with a cocoa- or green-coloured shell and a delicate, subtle flavour.


A long, long time ago, missionaries in South America came across chickens that laid eggs with green, blue, dark brown or even pink shells. They took some of these chickens to England, where there interbred with traditional English chicken breeds. 


One of these breeds made it all the way to Toni’s – we call it “Babette”. These chickens are particularly robust and lively, although they lay fewer eggs than other breeds. Their eggs have a light green or dark brown shell and slightly larger yolks with an intense yellow colour. They make excellent breakfast eggs and are also ideal for baking. Apart from these special characteristics, our Babette eggs fulfil the same requirements as all other Toni’s free-range eggs: they are free from medication, salmonella, GMO and toxic substances. This means: safety for the hens and safety for the consumer – guaranteed, every step of the way.